Why Scalp Micropigmentation?

For anyone who is suffering from visible scalp scarring, they will know exactly how deeply the wound can go. It’s more than just skin deep. The scar can burn into the soul and plunder self-esteem. When scalp micropigmentation became a household name little did they know that it would play such a pivotal role in concealing a scar? It’s a distinctly specialized and meticulous procedure, yet it’s one that can produce some startling results. The obvious benefits are pretty boundless when it comes to evening out the linear aspects of scarring. Yet the other purely positive aspect of this cutting-edge treatment is how it can work towards rebuilding that lost belief in one’s own unique beauty.

Scar Concealment & Scalp Micropigmentation

So how does this miraculous camouflaging treatment work for scalp scarring you may ask yourself? Initially, a treatment assessment needs to be made owing to each scar having their own individual and unique identity. Tissue structure, size, shape and position will be examined and also the indentation alongside colour will need to be assessed. The treatment plan, thereafter, will include the implanting of natural pigments, working with a series of shades to blend the sharp edges of the scar. Each implant is a precise science, with shades working hand-in-hand with scar tissue and their surrounding zones, with a result of an invisible harmony between the scar and scalp.