Why Scalp micropigmentation?

The burning question. Why choose Scalp Micropigmentation? Also known as SMP, this cutting-edge treatment steers away from all the drawbacks linked to other hair restoration solutions. Unlike a transplant or prescribed hair promotion medication, scalp micropigmentation is the one that comes with a cast-iron guarantee to work – and quickly. The results are a natural and elegant hairline that is identic to that of the iconic buzz-cut, fresh out of the barber’s chair. The only burning question that will remain is why taking the plunge took you so long?

Reach out to us here and see how we can work on your hairline to regain the self-esteem and confidence levels that hair loss has taken from you today.

Hair loss in men

One of the most common hair loss disorders is, without a shadow of a doubt, male pattern baldness and contrary to societal beliefs, they are incredibly unhappy about it. It affects over two-thirds of men, the world over, by the time they hit the tender age of 35. Fast-forward a rapid 15 years and that figure hikes right up to an alarming 87%. Of course for some, the devastating effects of hair loss begin much younger, for others, never. Yet one thing is sure and certain it can wreak nothing short of psychological havoc on your life. Self-esteem becomes diminished, confidence levels can hit all-time lows and learning to adapt to the change in your appearance is incredibly complex. It’s for this reason that scalp micropigmentation is steadily becoming a household name. Concealing the damage that hair loss causes, it’s a life-changing treatment that is breaking the rules compared to traditional restoration solutions – because unlike it’s counterparts its the treatment that works.