Lynden Vann

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

My hair line started to go while I was in the armed forces in my early 20’s. I started to go for a shorter hair style to disguise the fact I was receding.

Now in my 40’s my hair is very thin on top and if I grow it over 1 or 2 mm then I start form the dreaded Steve McDonald look and that look also makes me look a lot older and knocks my confidence.

I have tried different products from creams and pills that promised the world but did nothing apart from empty my bank account.

Over the last few years I’ve always wanted a solution I just didn’t know what I just started to put up with the fact that nothing was going to change . but last year I was in my mentel health clinic as I am a qualified psychotherapist, seeing a client for stress and anxiety. He was beside himself as his hair was falling out due to stress this is a form of alopecia. I was heart broken for this guy and following that event, it lead me to doing more research, I had seen hair transplants advertised all over the internet, two types FUT & FUE by all accounts with some good results. However, looking further into this more poor results than good, horrendous scaring.

I then came across (SMP) Scalp Micro Pigmentation known as medical hair tattooing for both men & women.

Again I found good and bad practices, seeing examples of harsh hair lines with unrealistic edges, blotchy follicles and styles that had not taken into account the individual’s face shape and appearance.

Been a perfectionist I was not satisfied and carried on with my research, eventually I did find a world class training provider and has been given many awards for his work,  its truly amazing and very natural looking, the colour, texture and blending just perfect.

I am now able to offer this procedure knowing I’ve had the very best training available. This giving me great satisfaction to be able to offer myself as a practitioner within the (SMP) industry.  

I also feel that with my background in mental health, I am able to sincerely understand how people feel with there appearance issues and what causes them great anxiety due to hair loss. This is something I am very proud of, not only that I am also a supporter of Alopecia UK and I am also on there approved list of practitioners for (SMP) and mental health.

If you feel you would like to know more about Scalp Micro Pigmentation and if this could be a solution for your self due to hair loss then I would very much like to here from you.

I will always offer you my honest opinion and advice I will be able to give you a quote immediately after receiving your photograph.

All my work is guaranteed for 12 months and any alterations of the hair line within that time will be done free of charge.